Textile sector (dyeing and printing)

Critical Issues

Strong energy consumption, environmental problems, relationship with the local community


Management control, reduction of consumption and polluting emissions, improvement of business reputation towards society


We developed with the company a research project about energy and environmental monitoring, moving from the bases of regulatory obligations regarding energy diagnosis and environmental authorization. We have supported the implementation and enhancement of efficiency measures and presented the projects for the request of the White Certificates, performed the performance check and the verification of savings, following finally the whole process of management and sale of Energy Efficiency Certificates. We follow step by step the company for the management of administrative obligations related to energy users (regulatory obligations and updates, management of photovoltaic systems, optimization of contracts and verification of invoices).


The company is achieving an analysis of LCA and a communication project towards a public, preparatory to an environmental certification (such as ISO 14064).

The company achieved energy efficiency interventions and improved the processes carried out, obtaining White Certificates for an additional certified saving of 120 TEP.

The company achieved an economic gain from the sale of Energy Efficiency Titles, that contributed to decrease the time for the return of investments made.