WOW Project

Deployment of WSAN Technology for Monitoring Oxygen in Wine Products

The project involves the development of portable sensor devices, dynamic modeling, and data analysis methodologies for continuous and non-invasive oxygen measurement in agrifood applications. In particular, the project concerns the development and implementation of an environmental monitoring system and control of oxygen levels in the winemaking process.

The system provides the development of optical sensors for detecting the dissolved and free oxygen level inside fermentation and winemaking containers connected within a wireless sensor system for the detection of environmental parameters.

The sensors will be based on a new and advanced fiber optic detection technology and on the development of the related methodology of analysis and processing of the measured quantities. The project will result in a complete system of monitoring the characteristic conditions of the winemaking process along the various stages of the production chain. The same technology can also be used in other applications in the agrifood field on fermentation systems, in controlled atmosphere procedures as well as in other applications such as hydroponic and/or areoponic systems.